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Rohan Templar Build
March 5th, 2009

Elf Templar Build

3 Int: 1 Vit Healer-Templar Build
I thought seeing as my original build was to be 3:1 Int:Vit Templar as stated in the heading, that I will post my revised Templar build which I have actually decided to settle with and am levelling currently.

About this build:
Basically with this build you have multiple roles, you can solo quite well, although we don’t do well if we have multple mobs on us at the same time, at least in the lower levels. I have been told that it does get much easier at higher levels when mobbed due to certain spells we are able to obtain in the Templar tree.

We do deal pretty nice damage, provide some nice buffs for ourselves and those in our party as well as provide decent back up heals if need be. You have skills that are helpful in pvp such as but not limited to; debuffs, reflection and not to mention the mace stun skills which from what I’ve seen and been told by my friends, is alot of fun to use etc.. So while I still have a ways to go, I am enjoying this build thus far and from being around those who are high levels and seeing the potential this build has, I’m eager to level up and have the chance to try it out firsthand. ^^

Now for pics:

Ok now for certain skill choices:

-MP Recovery Rank 0 -
Level 99 has MP Recover of 167×60%=100.2+167=267.2. Not worth putting points into in my opinon which could be used elsewhere for a better return.

Magic Barrier Rank 0-
Absorbs physical damage 12 times the caster’s Wisdom. Lasts 60 seconds if not all damage is absorbed.

Level 99 has 40 Psy x 12=480 damage absorbed. Not worth putting any points in this, as again we only have our base Psy and 480 damage absorbed is really nothing even at the lower levels. Again, one can use those points elsewhere.

Heal Rank 4 -
Heals the target for 500% of Int and 500% of Wisdom with 5 sec Cooldown.

One only takes this skill to Rank 4 and not Rank 5 because there is very little return for that extra skill point being used to raise the one rank, not to mention Rank 5 is an extra second longer on the Cooldown as well. Bascially, you will be doing relatively the same amount of healing at Rank 4 as you would with Rank 5 but with a 1 second less cooldown.

For some reason they made Ranks 2 to 3 and Ranks 4 to 5 have very little difference in their corresponding healing rates. I would only recommend going Rank 5 if you obtain the stone/s and intend to raise it to Rank 6 or 7, however, for this build I personally feel that Rank 4 Heal is enough.

Root Rank 4 -
I will only have 1-2 points in this at lower levels, then when I reach level 50+ I’ll add more points, and I may take one point out of something so that I can max this skill.

Mental Barrier Rank 5 -
Increases Physical Defence of targeted player by 20% of Intelligence for 30 minutes. 20% of 487 = 97 Physical Defence added.

At first I was sceptical about the usefulness of the amount given, but even though it might not look like much it really is quite a bit and also a buff that is loved by other classes, especially other casters.

Saint Strike Rank 5 -
At rank 5 it would give 10 ticks over time by 100% of Int and 50% of Wisdom over 30 seconds.

In total this means 1000% int and 500% wis damage over 30 seconds. So that would be (485*10+40*5) = 5050 damage/30 seconds = 168.33.

This is our only DOT (Damage Over Time) spell and worth having at higher levels. It is also handy in pvp or if you are pk’d, especially used in conjunction with Netbind as you can cast this dot then Netbind you both and watch the person’s health deplete. ^^ Having a DOT is also useful for making potting relatively useless whilst dotted. However, I won’t be levelling this up until later levels as at the lower levels your not killing mobs long enough to warrant using a dot.

If your not looking at pvping a whole lot then as I explain below, this skill is one that you may wish to remove points from to invest in something else.

MP Barrier Rank 0-
I didn’t put any points in this skill as we only have our base Psy, so if we did use this skill it would drain our mp very quickly leaving you with very little to cast your spells. I personally don’t think it’s worth it without having any Psy.

I think the remainder skills I chose are pretty much self explanatory as to why I chose them. However feel free to question those skills if need be.

The following skills are those that can have their points removed for another skill:

- Saint Strike Rank 5 - You can remove points from this skill and invest them in another skill of your choice. This skill won’t be too useful in a PVE Environment for lower levels as most mobs are killed too quickly for this to be used, however it could help in boss fights at higher levels.

- Destruction Rank 5 - This skill is on a 20 second cooldown, you will have your healer nuke plus your mace skills. Also for pvping, you may also split these points between Reveal Hidden and Netbind. Say 3 points in Reveal Hidden and the other 2 points in Netbind, or vice versa. As explained with using the Saint Strike skill above, this way you can cast a DOT (Saint Strike) on the other person just before using Netbind and their health will contiue to deplete.


Please note that I may swap some skills around as mentioned above, but the overall template is considered to be the general way one would go building a 3:1 Int:Vit Templar. As I stated before, I welcome any advice/suggestions/questions etc..and will continue to update this build as I level up.

Thanks to any and all who have taken the time to read all of this and provide any help as well. It is really appreciated! ;)

- Changed headings to For PVE and PVP for skills one can change to suit either playstyles.
- Added an explanation on why to stay with Rank 4 heal and not take it to Rank 5 etc..
- Corrected the figures for the amount of damage Saint Strike does over 30 seconds and additional input.
- Revised and updated this build. As stated, this may change overtime and if so, I will update any changes here accordingly.

Credits go to Kaiya for this on going build!

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