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Rohan Chat Tips
March 5th, 2009

Chat Tips!

ok so i am comprising a guide for chatting. i myself when i started had major issues with learning that chat system.

to start off you need to know that before you can chat you must press enter. ok no biggie

now on to the commands and what they do:

/s[space] (text) this will enable general chat so that you can talk to people in your general area

/a[space] (text) this is all chat and will enable you to talk to everyone

/g[space] (text) this enables you to talk to your guildies

/c[space] (text) this enables you to talk to your alliance

/p[space] (text) this enables you to talk to your party

you can also access all these tabs EXCEPT for general by clicking on the tab.

now the tricky one known as whisper:

/w[space] (persons name) [space] message you want to type.

the other way to do this is to press L add the person to friends click there name and click whisper, which also requires them to accept you as a friend. making it a longer process.

the third way of doing this is to click the 1:1 chat and then put there name in the chat box and sending them a message. this pulls up another box making your space more cluttered.

overall not much detail has been put into whispers making it a hassle…

/t[space] (persons name) [space] message

/tell[space] (persons name) [space] message


if you have done the initial pm you can use \ key to go back to the last pm you have done and continue



if you press enter then the up arrow you can recall previous sent messages.

i hope you find this guide helpful and if you see anything else that needs to be added feel free to post here and i will update it as soon as possible.
Credits go to monkeyxiv

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