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Rohan Boss Drop Guide
March 29th, 2009

Forging / Refining General Information


Here is some general information for forging and refining and their differences for the community. :P

Blue text indicates required ingredients, while green text indicates optional ingredients.

Forging Rare Weapon:
1 Regular weapon + 1 Regular weapon + Option Stone + Rare Forge Preservation Stone
Forging Unique Weapon:
1 Rare weapon + 1 Rare weapon + Option Stone + Option Stone + Unique Forge Preservation Stone
Forging Ancient Weapon:
1 Unique weapon + Accessory + Ancient Forge Preservation Stone

Forging Rare Armor:
1 Regular armor + 1 Regular armor + Rare Forge Preservation Stone
Forging Unique Armor:
1 Rare armor + 1 Rare armor + Unique Forge Preservation Stone
Forging Enhanced Armor:
Unique Armor + Option Stones + Upgraded Armor Forge Preservation Stone

Additional Forging Info:
1. There is no fee to forge items.
2. Preservation Stones do not prevent option stones from being lost during forging.
3. Preservation Stones will be lost when used whether the forging succeeds or fails.
4. Forging can be done at any level.
5. A total of 4 option stones and 1 accessory can be applied onto an Ancient Weapon.
6. A total of 1 option stone can be applied to Enchanted Armor.

Level Refine:
1. You can select to de-level an item by 1, 2, or 3 levels.
2. Each level down attempt costs the sale price of the item multiplied by the number of levels you wish to refine it, level 3 refine however costs 4x the sale price:
a. Item sale price = 520, Delevel 1 level = 520 2 levels = 1040 3 levels = 2080
3. If an item is de-leveled more than 15 levels, the next failed refining attempt will cause the item to break. IT WILL DISAPPEAR!
4. If a level refine attempt fails, the number you attempted to refine will be added back onto the weapon’s level. This number cannot exceed the item’s normal level though.
a. With a level 99 item, failing a refine at 99 will not add levels to the item.
b. With the same level 99 item, failing a level 3 refine at level 92 will add 3 levels to bring the item back to 95.

Status Refine:
1. Items can only have status requirements of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.
2. Stats can be de-leveled by 1, 2, 3 levels, or you can select to remove the entire status requirement in 1 refine.
3. Failing on status refines does not add additional stat points to the item.
4. Items cannot be destroyed by de-leveling a stat too far.

Hope this information proves useful for you all!!!

YNK Interactive Support Staff

Credits go to Naem

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