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Rohan STR Dhan Guide
March 30th, 2009

STR Dhan Guide

Hello folks.
I have seen so many people asking for a pve build for dhans mostly, so i wanted to share my experiences as a Dhan player.

Well first of all, i tried both builds (agi and str).
I have to say that str dhans are a way better for pve, plus they are good in pvp (not soo good as an agi one, but still decent), dunno why people keeps arguing that they suck.
I seen str dhans full buffed by others that can 3hit Priest, Templar, Ranger, Agi Dhans, Dex guards, even some Warlocks, etc.
The only bad thing about str dhans is that you become dependent of everyone’s else buffs such as: Crazy Strenght, Rising might, Almighty, Mental Barrier, Alacrity blow, Nimble, protection, etc.

Its a really huge difference when you are full buffed and you go pvp/pve.


Mostly you have to go for 4/0 str/vit build. Also as flare said, dont get more than 50 Vit base and 40 Dex Base. You can have at lvl 60 the Wings of Solemnity Accesories wich gives you 15/15/15. Str/vit/Dex.

So fully buffed you can have like 180~200dex base and about 120~150 vit base. Depends on the lvl of buffs + your accesories. Its better if you have a str goggle/earrring and a vit one for a bit higher hp.

Not mentioning if you get all the lvl 7 str buffs… you can have more than 901~1130 Str at lvl 80.
(The currently Str that i have), Can reach over 6k Melee attack not incluiding empower or ad temper. (just lvl 7 buffs)


Yeah, there are so many skills wich makes confusing to everyone in which skill to spend points.

At lvl 50 you must have these skills:

-lvl 5 invenom (the dmg is about 40~50% of your main dmg added, so yeah, get it)
-lvl 5 hide (for afking in parties xD)
-lvl 1 Sprint
-lvl 5 Mortal Rising
-lvl 5 Physic phantom (max it to lvl 7 if you can because its you main dmg dealer)
-lvl 5 Quickness (up to you)
-lvl 5 Phantom Crow (YOU MUST MAX this skill to lvl 7, it gives you 65% crit dmg added to your PP and DPP)
-lvl 5 mana burn (the best dhan stun skill, get it lvl 6 if you are able to)
-lvl 5 Silence (max it to lvl 7 for a short cooldown time, pretty annoying for Rangers)
-lvl 1 Confusion (optional for pvp)
-lvl 1 Deadly blow (this is an all or nothing skill, if you want to max it, you must spend for lvl 7 skill stones for having a 20% extra str bonus, at lvl 1~6 it only gives you 10% str bonus, personally im not rich enough to afford much stones for only a 10% str bonus)

Lets Say now you are lvl 80 and you wanna know how to stat an str avenger.

Changes on the Dhan Assasin skill tree:

- lvl 5 Sprint (usefull for pvp)

Avenger Skill Tree:

- lvl 1 Free up
. lvl 5 Katar Mastery
- lvl 1 Rowel Spur
- lvl 2 Sealing Square (you dont need it more than lvl 2)
- lvl 5 hp burn (kinda sucky stun skill, it has only 3m range to cast it, so its hard to stun anyone due of the "You cannot attack this time bug)
- lvl 5 Strenght Trap (good trap for pve)
- lvl 5 Death Call (f*** yeah i love this skill, very usefull for pvp/pve)
- lvl 5 Polluting blood: OPTIONAL (usefull in pvp against Vit classes)
- lvl 5 Mind exchange ( get it lvl 6 only) Who doesn’t love this skill?
- lvl 5 Double Physic Phantom (get it lvl 6 or 7)

Skill Stone Order:

If you want to spend some skill stones, get these skills on the following order.
If you can afford for some lvl 7 its better, lets say you can only afford 4 lvl 7 skill stone per month.

You must get:

lvl 7 Phantom Crow
lvl 7 Silence
lvl 7 Mortal Rising
lvl 7 Physic phantom (coz its ur main dmg dealer)

lvl 6 skills: Lets say you got 10 lvl 6 skills, (incluiding those ones above)

You must get: Same relevant order.

lvl 6 Phantom Crow
lvl 6 Silence
lvl 6 Mortal Rising
lvl 6 Strenght Trap
lvl 6 Physic phantom
lvl 6 Death Call
lvl 6 Mana burn
lvl 6 Double Physic Phantom
lvl 6 Mind exchange
lvl 6 Katar Mastery
lvl 6 Sprint or Quickness (up to you, i’d rather having quickness)

Explanation of this build:

ITs really good for pvp/pve, you have a lot of things, high dmg dealing, etc.
The only problem of this build its the pvp against vit or high pdef classes, the dmg of ur PP gets nerfed a lot if you fight vs a vit Dragon Sage or a vit Defender. Oh well you have Mana burn + Mind exchange to low their hp enough if you Succeed (50% chance at lvl 6)

Its really funny, can kill Mobs 8lvls higher than me, by just using a double physic phantom. With a physic phantom it does like 70% dmg of mob’s hp. Really good when u turn on the str trap :P


Yeah, since you must focus on what do you want to be, (i go mostly on pvp things) You must go for a Damage Drop option items and some hp/mp abs to regen a bit in pve.


Use a damn katar. at lvl 80 you must have a katar like this for pvp:

Walker Shadow Bane / Agony of Tei katar (for pvp)

40%+ Melee attack
35%+ Damage Drop

Its a really nice katar, if you can max it, would be even better.

Walker Shadow Bane / Agony of Tei katar (for pve)

40%+ Melee Attack
10% hp/hp leech

If you are lucky, you will get 10% abs, really usefull for pve. Double PP do Over 20k Crits at lvl 7x, so you will recover 2k hp/mp for each DPP.

For example this:

Killing R3 Orc mobs at lvl 7x


Brave Dragon. Really usefull vs high pdef classes, the dmg dealt ignores defence, same as polluting blood. Good combo if you stack them both for pvp. Have to mention that katar are fast enough to use this pet.
The other pet i recomend you is the Honey Bear for pve mostly.


Str Avengers are Really good against low pdef classes such as:

- Scouts
- Rangers
- Priests
- Templars
- Agi Dhans

You can 1shot most of them, specially Dex Scouts xD

Weak against:

- Vit Dragon Sages
- Vit Defenders
- Wizards (due of the Crit inmunity skill)

Average Vs:

- Str/Dex guardians
- Str Defenders
- Str Dragon Knights
- Str Scouts.
- Warlocks

Some pvp damage:

There is also a movie wich explains better the performance of a Str Avenger in pvp/pve:

Movie made by myself btw =x

The Pvp combo skill order depends of you gamestyle.
You will notice the dmg of the brave dragon pet per each normal hit. There is a chance to do that dmg, i tested it and its like 10~15% chance ( my Opinion).

Okay, hope that this little guide helps.

I might add some things later.


Credits go to NeoShadow

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