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Agi Dhan Guide
March 30th, 2009

Agi Dhan Guide

Agility Dhan I think are the best all round classes in the game for PVE and PVP. The classes you will have trouble with are Templar and Mages.

Let’s start off with your build. I think 4 agi 4 agi 4 agi 3 agi / 1 vit is the best build till level 50. Then from there on out full agi till level 70. Then from 70-80 7 agi / 1 vit. To really be successful with this character you might have to spend some $ I’ll explain why later, now that we have a build down, let’s talk about skills.

The skill that you indefinitely need to max first are the following

Avoid 6/7 (This skill boost your agility at level 7 it’s 21%. The more agi…the higher crit you do.)
Boost 6/7 (This skill boosts your critical percentage at level 7 it’s 10%.
Deadly Blow 6/7 (This skill takes your total amount of agility and applies it at a certain percentage to your critical damage. At level 7 it’s 530%.
Invenom 5 (This skill basically adds elemental damage to your crit usually equaling to half your crit. For example if you crit 6000 Invenom will add a additional 3000 making you total crit 9000. Nut’s right?
Mortal Rising 6/7 (Not only does this skill allow you to have 100% crit when coming out of vanish, but at 6 and 7 it add’s an additional 10 then 20% to your critical damage. Very nice skill.
Vanish level 5/6 (This skill allows you to disappear from enemies 5-7 levels higher than you, and at level 6 actually gives you a 20% boost to speed.)
Mana Burn 6 (This skill takes the user or monsters level and adds 600% of that heal your mana, on top of that stuns the target for 5 or more seconds. Very nice PVP skill, and easy way to never use MP pots when leveling.)
Silence level 6/7 (This skill disables a users skills, level 7 is 45 SECONDS!! Think how unfair it will be sneaking up on a person and instantly disabling their skills for 45 seconds while you beat on them.)
Quickness 3 (This boosts your dexterity which allows you hit a little more. Get this to level 5/6 later.)
Parry 3 (This allows you to block physical attacks using your weapon. Get this to level 5/6 later.)
You’ll need Dash level 1 as filler and Mirror Shield level 1 also.

Now when you’re going Avenger your skills should look like this.

Free up 1 (When those annoying archers root you use this to remove yourself from root.)
Rowel Spur 1 (Just a filler to get to your next skills, if you have a mount its 20% boost to it’s speed.
Sealing Square 2 (After you stun a archer or a class that likes to run alot, use sealing square so they cannot run off. It seals them in.)
Health Burn 5/6 (This is just the same as Mana Burn but takes the targets Health instead.
Death Call 4 (This skill at level 4 will bring any character that is running away from you to your feet and paralyze them. How nice is that? Anyone thinking GET OVER HERE!!)
Mind Exchange 6 (This skill in a nutshell turns your targets HP into 200% of their mana. This is one of the best skill you have because it allows you to defeat full VIT characters easily.)

UPDATE : make Secret Hide level 6, it’s a valid argument that it can be useful. After these skills are done you can work on maxing out confusion, dash, agi trap, and duplication. I for one think these skills are a waste of time, but they’re available options according to how you play. Dash and Confusion I think are for wussy dhans who like to run, just my opinion.

After you’re done with these main skills you can max Parry and Quickness. I do not suggest Agility Trap because you’re whole build relies on sneaking up on someone, or death calling them and stunning them till they’re dead. Who has time to set up a little trap that doesn’t even work for monsters? Not me.

Duplication I also did not waste any skill points in because…’s useless you have mortal rising which is 100% chance of crit and adds Invenom. Duplication does dual crit’s but does not add Invenom.

As far as accessories….

+20-35 earrings.
+20-35 glasses or eye patch
possibly +20 or higher dex ring (just 1)
rest a mixture of vit / agi +20 or higher.

It really depends on what you’re lacking in as you grow higher in level. If you feel you crit hard enough but lack some hp, get some VIT accessories.

As for armors….

You need enchanted armors with +hp only! You need this because as a mostly Agi build, you will lack in Vitality. A full hp set can add over 1600 HP! If you’re only PVE get damage drop on your armors. If you’re rich get damage drop set for PVE, HP set for PVP.

As for weapons….

You definitely need crit rate 7% or higher, and agility. Vitality and Dexterity is ALWAYS a plus. But critical rate and agility FIRST!

My idea for the perfect weapon is 9% crit or higher at least 90 agi or higher 30/40 vit 10-20 dex. The weapon I use is 90 Agi 40 vit 20 dex 9% crit. I also have a 10% crit 130 agi dagger for straight PVP.

Credits go to WinterWind

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