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It looks like Rovio Mobile wants to broaden and fully explore the profit generating capacity of their most successful game app – Angry Birds. This time, it is not about the plush toys or generated income from downloads, it’s all about impressions and ad relevance. They are going to monetize by showing significant and appropriate ads to consumers worldwide.

Nexage, a mobile advertising platform and an ad impression optimizer, has been selected by Rovio Mobile as its partner to uplift the ad relevance of Angry Birds. They will be using the Nexage Revenue Platform to improve costumer satisfaction and for the monetization of Angry Birds impression on Apple’s iPhone and Android.

To monetize Angry Birds more, the Nexage RTB (real-time bidding) Exchange will be used. It is the tool that will do the job for Rovio. For more information about RTB you may follow the link here:

Rovio’s Angry Birds, as most of us know, have now surpassed 300 million of downloads which means that there are so many people who patronize it worldwide. That is how big their market is, that is why they choose Nexage because it prioritize to give quality mobile advertising solutions to fans while maximizing the monetization of Angry Birds on iPhone and Android.

Both parties are excited to this partnership. Here is what the executives of Rovio and Nexage said about this venture.

Mikael Hed, Rovio Mobile CEO

“We are proud of our success and truly thrilled that our fans continue to enjoy Angry Birds”. “A key part of that success is a commitment to customer experience, which guides how we work and whom we work with. Nexage brings the most compelling combination of technology, with RTB and deep mobile knowledge to ensure our customers gain value from this relationship.”

Ernie Cormier, Nexage CEO and President

“Rovio is a global phenomenon in great part because of how they stay focused on pleasing their fans”. “Rovio is a true RTB pioneer in their ability to enable high ad relevance to their customers and maximize the monetary value of their impressions, all while protecting customer privacy. We are delighted to be a key part of their commitment to their fans and to contribute to their overall business success.”

Everyday, Rovio is becoming bigger and bigger which fortify the ground of Angry Birds success. Angry Birds is a proof that great things really comes from small and humble beginnings.

[via Press Release from Marketwire]

Image courtesy of CurlysGirly on Flickr.

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